Can A Product Be Underdog????

Yes, thats what is happening at my end with one of my blog.

I dont post much on that blog, rarely but guess what? Thats the only blog which is getting me revenue!!!!!

Shocking.....but now that Im getting this to know more and more often.

Why not leverage it to full extent?

Yes, thats no news....any good business would want to market his best-selling product than the ones which would pay in long run.

So it keep going!!!!

And, "Miles To Go Before I Sleep"

Breath of Relief!!!!

Finally after "few months" of hard struggle on the financial fronts.

Today I have got some relief.

Not that I am completely debt free but looks like by this month end I will be one.

It was a hard struggle for me, not having money and going through bad financial crisis. I have learnt these lessons.

1. Stay Away from Credit Cards
2. Never waste even a single rupee on what is not required
3. Think 10 times before lending money to anyone

From now on I shall be very careful with handling money. I was not before. But now I am.

The crisis has done a lot of damage to me, in personal front, professional and health wise and everything. Everday morning when I used to wake up, think only about debts and problems that come with the "failing to plan money"

I really thank god for this helping me at right time. And I promise not to waste my "hard-earned" money.

Now, that I am debt free, whatever I earn now will be a profit.

Indic Blog Factory and Cake Labs Inc both companies of mine are now healthy and debt free.

I need to make them Profitable.

Thanks again to almighty.

And I will keep reminding to myself, "Money Saved is Money Earned"

Now, the real race is on!!!!!!

And, as usual ...."Miles To Go Before I Sleep"

Seeing no money can demotivate you as well!!!!

Okay, so I have been posting articles like mad. After that I have been submitting them to Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious & Reddit.

Wow, I am getting good traffic of around 200 hits :)

But, you know wht? Everyone is very smart now a days.

They come, read the content and leave the site. Who will click on Ads? :(

Thats what is happening with me and my blogs.

I am getting traffic but no $$

I need to re-think about placement of Ads I guess. But anyways for some it may be really de-motivating. But dont give up.

Just Hang-on for somemore time and things will be alright.

We still have 17.5 days left. Miracles happen if you really want them to and if you really work hard.

Lets see....will keep you posted and updated the progress.

New Product of Indic Blog Factory!!!

I am very much on track for my goals for the month of March. So I decided to put some extra effort and so now we have one more baby of Indic Blog Factory.

Pixrat is a people's view blog. Where you can come and share you views and opinions the way you see it.

Come and check it out. Its served fresh everyday.

I need to be little more focussed and agressive in terms of me spending much time with the products to make sure I reach to the targets on time. Before time.

I keep you posted and updated about all the latest happenings, learning, ups-downs as well.


Been going through some Mess!!!!

I have been going through some Financial mess around me.

But now, that things look pretty much settled. I am back into action.

And, will try to achieve the target for this month.

Goals are important.

Goals are important, very important.

"A Dream is a Dream, A Goal is a Dream with Deadline"

Till Feb month

Total amount earned: $0.62
Total number of posts: 15

Target for March Month:

Total posts should be : 100
Total earning should be: $3

I know these figures may sound stupid to anyone. But then setting low goals and achieving more is much more satisfactory than speaking loud and doing less.

So in the first week of April I will update with the details and goals achieved.

"Miles To Go Before I Sleep"

More Lessons Learnt!!!!

These three most important lessons I have learnt.

1. Never try to "convince" a stuborn person.

2. Never share your problems or weakness with anyone, coz they will use it back on you.

3. Never "Talk much". Stay calm as much as possible.